To make the choice that thousands of years of lineage…


I played a role in the Oregon Fallen Firefighters Memorial today. Which has brought me to take a moment to reflect upon those who have come before me…

I will tell it through the unfolding’s of an evening spent with my Son…

My Son and I were home on a Friday night, and went right into a very intimate evening of heart between us. As I was making dinner, he was kind of just pacing the floor with a half-smile on his face, he hooked me.

“What’s up Buddy?”

“Well… I was thinking… I’m a good person.”

Wow, I almost burst into tears… My Son, at the age of 16, illuminated his Self-worth, and I was able to be witness of the moment.

He continued… “I’m in good shape, I not bad looking, I make good choices…”

I wholeheartedly agreed…

We embarked upon a conversation that goes back to my beginning… I replied… (rather long winded again of course…).

Think about it Man… You’ve done it, you have stepped into the mastery of who you are… When I was your age I was such a fucking wreck… Full of fear, anger, more fear… I was so far away from believing I was worth anything. And, although I searched, (At the age of five I had my parents taking me to priests and rabbi’s, because I wanted someone to explain to me why we were here and why we die.) There was no one who was there to show me, that I had a choice to truly rise above the fear and depression I was locked into…

I have no memory about my Father’s, Father’s life, other than he sat quietly at Holidays. Was a steel man, and a butcher. I can only imagine what my Father’s childhood was like? I know it was ridged.

So when I look back upon those, who’s shoulders I stand upon, I am reminded of the highest honor we can bless our fore-bearers with. That is, to move the stream of consciousness that they have passed on to me, forward.

My brothers and I, each with a significant trait of those things our father loved but never really fulfilled…

The youngest, Dad’s love for motorcycles… The oldest, sailing the seas throughout his life, as our Father never sailed around the world, as he always told us he would do, one day. The third in line, building out of wood and stone, as our Father never really fulfilled his dream of building an airplane in our garage. and I… although we all love to cook, two became chef’s, I one of them, and also  the one he instilled a sense of fathering through…

My Son and I discussed how he is an extension of all of these lives… He is extending the boundaries of accepted reality… and stepping into the “NEO” zone…

He is at the wheel of his life, and knows it! It was also a very poignant moment, As I thought… what are the dreams of mine, that will go unfulfilled… My Son and his Sister, are taking life forward, and what they will unfold will be light years from the world I have grown in.

The acknowledgment to my ancients is simply this… to let them know that my highest role in this stream of consciousness has been fulfilled.

My Son, understanding his own self-worth, consciously, is now twenty years ahead in his life, then I was when I realized this.

How has this role of mine been fulfilled, you may ask? By one simple choice…

To make the choice that thousands of years of lineage of mental, emotional, physical and psychological abuse, ended with me. I would no longer perpetuate the concepts of violence, oppression and control over those lives I have been charged within my care. To encourage instead of condemn. To share what it is to be me as I allowed them to share what it is to be them. They two have carried on some of my dreams… not because I asked them to. Because of those things I shared with them, when they were younger, that I loved.

A young man I worked with and I were talking about this, He had a four day old, free-will Angel of his own, and has chosen to end the linage of darkness passed through our society, for eons. That his son is now plugged into the database, the web of human consciousness… Imagine, what that third generation from mine is going to create, 50 years from now.

So, I honor Louis, Daniel, Luigi, Helen, Sydel, Michael, Abraham, Marshmallow Lady…

I honor you all by presenting to you the future, you created, through every moment, fear, joy and choice of your life.

The future that now knows that we are the creators of the reality we perceive… We have at our disposal, the ability to communicate with millions at a time, while the TRS 80 computer of my youth, had two megabytes of hard space and a green screen. Now the world is within reach.

I honor my past by walking into the future… the post historic world of peace and communion, within the family of humanity, upon this planet.

I hold that I am still in physical form when the transmutation, of this living planet and those upon her, step into the absence of fear…

My Love to you all, and all those you hold dear, in you hearts and in your shadows…


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