Mastery over Fear…


We all have the experience of the mystics coming to us at some point in our lives. Some have passed through, some resist and become medicated, while others swim through the abyss of their dark night of the soul. Life is constantly asking us if we are willing to be annihilated every day, so that we to may be resurrected into our future selves. This is the challenge, this is the dream.

In every moment of life I am being asked to show my mastery over my fears, my doubts and my limitations of self. In every moment of life I am being asked…

Who is in need of my forgiveness? who is in need of my strength? Who is in need of my highest regard? The answer so simply is, me.

For when I fully show up for my life, I have the ability to give the gift of Spirit to those around me. I can guide and teach those who are in need. I can be human and Spirit in form at the same instant. And in this energy I can move mountains. I can reverse the course of destructive events and memories in myself and others.

How often we do not share our perceptual truth for the fear of scaring or hurting another. But in all of these relationships we are given permission, by association, to be our most dynamic and in-depth selves we can be. The universe expects nothing less than this from us, as we should from ourselves.

The challenge laid out before us is to open up to the motion of Spirit through us. To allow Divine guidance to be our map. To settle the mind so that the angels of our lives can be heard through all the darkness we wish to create for ourselves.

Let it be known this is a task for everyone on the planet. To stop masking our true shadows with alcohol, drugs, lies, projections upon others of the things we wish not to see in ourselves. To love ourselves, enough to be ourselves.

So my gift to you all is my unending desire to serve, support and enliven the lives of those around me, and those whom I share this planet with. To show up and know that I am a child of God, and that I have been given the power of free-will to express the truth of the never ending request, to reach for the stars in all I do… anything else is just childish laziness…

May you all know Health, Love and Joy on this and every day.


Question and Answer…

My favorite thing about doing this Blog is opening it up to questions that people may have about their perception of reality, or view of themselves. So as I get these I will respond here, keeping confidentiality of identity.
 Cynthia, wrote; “I like the quote today….half the time it seems like the world is spinning by and I am just existing…..or “rambling on”, not ever really catching up with the world around me. I enjoy the world that I have created around me for the most part but there just seems like there is so much more I could be enjoying….not sure how to get there and experience what life really has in store for me. Any suggestions on how to start thinking outside the box?”

What a wonderfully honest statement of self-observation, desire, and potential you have created… Thank you, I am honored to respond…

As stated above “I wonder what we have when we’re not pretending.” Most of us, have created a persona of who we are to the world in response to the world around us. To make choices, of who we project as ourselves to others, as opposed to being truthfully ourselves in the moment. I know for me, I have spent much time playing revolving roles, for those who walk into my world on a daily basis. But if we want to start thinking outside the box, we must deconstruct, and pull back our connections from those around us that we are plugged into. To truly understand the connections we have made and what they are based upon.

In the book, “Illusions”… by Richard Bach. The Messiah’s handbook reminds us;

“If you will
practice being fictional
for a while, you will understand
that fictional characters are
sometimes more real than
people with bodies
and heartbeats”

We are raised to be fictional characters… Not because, those who loved us didn’t care. But because those who loved us didn’t want us to get hurt. Emotionally, Spiritually, Physically or Mentally.
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The Children are the answer to a new Reality…

This video is an amazing example of what a Human Being is capable of. We have the potential to effect our reality in such a way, that as the observer and architect, we have been dumbed down away from.

The scope of the universe, and of God, in this world (especially through organized religion,) Is so very limited, and very unflattering, of how we have progressed as human beings. Yes, we have made such progress in understanding the measure and scope of our role on this planet.

The only problem seems to be that we still, as a collective, don’t fully get it. Every day, I/we, wake up and move into the realm of physical possibility… usually with our eyes closed. We take what is presented and run it through our ego filters. First comes, fight or flight? Next comes, greater than or less than? The nature and weight of our own self-worth, to be obtained… Or, that which we hold most often, our unworthiness, wins out. Most often, before we even set out to co-create, in our minds eye.

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A gentle reminder…


This picture made me laugh so hard, I almost peed myself… And it was the catalyst for tonight’s post. Well that, and a statement my son, made to me.

He said, ” The way I’m looking at life, it doesn’t seem offer enough fulfillment. I used to look forward to little things, new video games, new toys…”

I replied; “those things used to fill your cup, but now the cup is bigger and it takes more than a game to fill it up…”

“Yeah…” His acceptance.

This is where the little things come in… We allow ourselves to get lost in the programming of our society. We lose touch with our true nature of who we are to the point that we don’t even recognize ourselves anymore and the little things, the material things, just don’t seem to reach our need to feel deeply, about what we are doing in life.

The beautiful part about this is my Son, started learning this at 15, instead of thirty-four, as I started. Imagine how far his reach will now be into the next generation. How far we have come in such a short time, rewriting the history of the ages, just by directing our thoughts on those things greater than ourselves.

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Where am I…?



I have found that the world we are looking at and being shown every day is nothing more than a smoke screen. There is so much love in the world. So many who care. As I believe it was Mister Rodgers who said; “When I would see scary things in the news, my mother would say to me; Look for the helpers. You will always find people who are helping.”

We are being shown a world of chaos, all of the time. Whether financial, War, Mass shootings… Yes people are dying and are experiencing it in terror. We can ask ourselves; what is the correlation to our addiction to movies, where this happens all the time. And horror movies. Pulsing our bodies full of adrenal for two hours in anxiousness and for some, fear. And say, when it is over, “glad I didn’t have to experience that.” The truth is we do. We have through all forms of media witnessed so much devastation, that we pass off any real catastrophe, as a society, as if it really isn’t happening. Hence, we don’t care. Except those that are the helpers…

So that brings me to the point of this moment.

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The Challenge of Shadow


Where I was 20 years ago… I have learned; The darker the dark, the brighter the Light…

My world is a world of darkness seeping into the light. it seems the only time I see light in others is when I am deep in the depths of grief. I ‘m so tired of seeing the light of the world on the other side of the thin layer of opaque membrane that stretches with my touch and never allowing the freedom of feeling joy.

Everything I read says its just a matter of conscious living. well fuck you! There is not a word about how to break through the frozen over lake of despair that allows the light of God to filter through and tease my soul into trying once again to break through the slab of frozen emotion.  My soul, as souls go, has a spark of gold upon which my whole reason for still being alive today is based upon.

The problem at this time is that the floods of pain and emotion have stirred the black bottom of my ocean making it just a speck mixed in with the billions of pieces of sand and stone that shift within the currents of time.

1,040,688,000 seconds have ticked by since I’ve incarnated in this life. Almost every moment of it spent in fear, anxiety, pain, anger & hatred. what a life…

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UntitledMy favorite topic in the world… I lived most of my life, until about ten years ago, not even realizing that the way I was feeling and the way I was dealing with the world was a choice that I could change. And there was no one in my life that explained this to me. I had to come up with this concept all on my own. That I could actually change my thought processes, change my perception about events, and change how I am feeling about what is going on in my life.

So once I had a clear idea that I could choose, choose that which serves the whole of life which includes myself. I choose to make this process easy these days. When I do not have an answer come clearly to my mind I ask; what is going to serve myself and others? And what is the answer that will just serve me? And the choice that will just serve me is never the choice I want to choose. And in this mode of thought the choice that will serve myself and others is usually the choice that brings me the most fear. And the choice that just serves myself is usually the one that doesn’t have much fear or challenge to my being.

So, knowing the difference between and Ego idea and a Spiritual blessing is key to co-creation.

How do we know when we are making the right choice? The only way I have found that I am making the right choice is by living the choice itself. Bringing life to the idea I have chosen to follow. There is no way in our minds to determine which choice is the right one to select. But what I have come to know is that if I make a choice and I start to live that choice, allowing the doubt to fall away. The questions to fall aside around the choice and just give life to the choice I have made. If I see the choice as the direction I see my life moving towards the universe works towards bending my life in that direction. And the choice will manifest itself as a living part of my life.

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